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Ameer-e-Shari'at Syed Ata-ullah Shah Bukhari,

B. Rabi'-ul-Oola 1, 1310H/ September 23, 1892

D. Rabi'-ul-Oola 9, 1381 H/ August 21, 1961



Born in Patna, India, he received his early religious education in Gujrat (گجرات ناگڑیاں شریف) and learned the Qur'an by heart from his father Hafiz Syed Ziauddin at the age of 10 years.

A big religious and political figure of India whose roar set the sun of British rule in India forever. Born in Patna (India), he got his early religious education in Gujrat and learnt the Holy Qur'an by heart from his father Hafiz Syed Ziauddin RAHMATULLAH A'LAIHE In the 10th year of his age. A rare and very astonishing thing about his education which is very hard to be believed in the first instance is that he had never been the regular student of any big madrasah, and nor he got education from any renowned teacher. Instead, he completed all the books of Dars-e-Nizami (classical syllabus of Ulama) part-by-part and as a part-time student from different teachers, as and when the circumstances permitted him to do so. This was because he got into practical life in a very tender age and used to work as labourer in order to earn living for him and his children. Even in the jail he remained alert in respect of receiving education and he studied the Sahih of Bukhari when he was imprisoned on account of an anti-government religious speech. In spite of this fact he stood atop in the list of best reciters of the Qur'an of his time, and found a unique and respectable position among the best Ulama of his age. He was among those personalities of Muslim India whose name does not require any localisation or affiliation of any kind,. but these were institutes and parties which ran on whose names and affiliations.

He started his religious and political career about in 1916 by overturning a public meeting of the refusers of the Truth. Right from here started that part of his life whose title has been `rail and jail'. He protected the candle of true and unvarnished faith in the days of British rule in India when they were cultivating and fostering a false prophethood. He was a naked sword against the refusers of the Truth (specially against the newly born Qadiyani prophethood, i.e., Ahmadiya Movement) and the British regime in the sub-continent. He served several terms in jail in this cause. It was due to his selfless absorption in this sacred cause that noted religious figures and preceptors had chosen him to be the `Ameer-e-Shari'at in 1930. He was the doyen of freedom fighters and the founding father of Majlis e-Ah'rar-e-Islam.

He is specially known for his matchless oratory, and people of all circles agree in that he was the greatest orator of his time. He is among those orators of the entire history who very frequently used to speak all the night. His fire-filled speeches had been a unique blend of the recitation of the Holy Qur'an and Hadees, stories of the sah'dba RAZIALLAHU A-NHUM and elders, best and classical local idiom, poetry, examples, etc.

He was a poet as well and his poetry has been published. Most of his poetry is in Persian language. '

He was the disciple of Peer Syed Mehr Ali Shah Golravi RAHMATULLAH A'LAIHE, and after him gave his hand in the hands of Hazrat RaipuriRAHMATULLAH A'LAIHE.

His role is discussed at length in the translator's note `Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Ilyas's Attention Towards Various Muslim Parties'.


Rashid Hanfi




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